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  • Shelley Komant


I really felt like I should share this today. I know you want to hear about my life over here but I need to speak about something on my heart.

The years have slipped by and I can't remember if it is now 4 years since my uncle passed away or 3. Time doesn't change the feelings of the loss that is still present no matter the years. He was the most outrageously spiritual man I have ever met and the encounters he had on the day to day would blow your mind. But yet he was still human, he loved his hair and dressing nice, he enjoyed a good meal but he had the ups and downs of life too. The thing we all knew about him was he loved Jesus. So there was a joy in the sadness. The bible says if you believe in Jesus then you will have eternal life. So we celebrated his life but we also celebrated his eternal life now in heaven.

One day I was thinking of him in heaven and wondering what he was doing and it came to me like a dream or in my minds eye. I seen him in a circular room lined with books, from floor to ceiling like a library. But it was more like a kids library with bright colors and bean bag chairs and comfy seats and lots of room to sit on the floor. All of these chairs were facing him in the center of it all. And just as children sit around their teacher in a semi circle waiting for them to read a story that's exactly what began to unfold. I seen the room full of people and behind all of those people standing at the back close to the door were angels, tall and huge they were all just waiting like everyone else in eager anticipation for him to read a story.

Uncle Jim was always dramatic and had a flair for telling stories. You could listen to him all day and not get bored. He was a natural story teller on earth... captivating. And I watched too to see what he would do next and he got up from his spot and walked over to the books on the wall. Like a librarian he ran his fingers over the spines of all the books on the shelf until he found just the one he was looking for. Grinning like he had won a prize he pulled it out. He held the book open in one hand so that he could use his other arm for effect. And he said loudly in his booming voice "Now today's story is about.......YOU!!" and he pointed to a person sitting right there on the floor. Everyone was so excited and then he pointed to the back and said "and this is the angel that helped you!"

And everyone began clapping, the excitement was exhilarating. I quickly understood this was no ordinary library. It was history being re-told in a way that we could never see it on the earth . This was a library that held the stories of our lives that we always wondered about. The divine and mysterious, the close calls where you wonder or you outright know something somewhere saved you from something. It is the hidden stories and I am so happy because I know Uncle Jim is the perfect person to tell these stories.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to hear the story but it wasn't about the story. It was about Uncle Jim and knowing he was still carrying on even bigger, better and way more fun than I could have imagined. It brought peace and so much joy to my heart to see him like that. He was in his element.

Some of you may ask was that real or did you just imagine it? The truth is my heart says it is real and I am going to go with that. And if I did imagine it, it doesn't really matter because the peace and joy that I received from it and still do to this day brings a smile to my face. I have heard many stories about heaven and seen a lot of movies and I couldn't tell you if they are real or not but my heart wants to believe.

I semi quoted a scripture about believing in Jesus and that you will go to heaven if you believe in him, most people know the verse even if you never opened a bible it is John 3:16, when fully quoted it says " For God so LOVED the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have eternal life." Most people stop there, that's enough. That is the key to heaven, which would be correct, but they would be missing something huge. Found right after that is John 3:17 and it says "For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn(judge) the world, but to save the world through him." If you are missing loved ones today, hang on darling. There is a loving God out there who cares for you. He sees your heart and he mourns with you for your loss. You can ask him what heaven is like, He wants to talk to you. He didn't come to judge you but to love you.

Our family knew that there would be people we loved who would pass away while we were here in Australia. And that there was a very good chance we wouldn't be able to attend funeral's or memorials with the distance between us. I just didn't know how many and how fast. Three people that impacted my life in less than a month left this earth. One hit me harder than the others, a woman I considered my second mother growing up. The other two were people from families that I grew up with in church, I mourned here from across the ocean and still do. I longed to be there to cherish them one more time with family and friends. But I hang onto the fact that one day I will see them again and they will be doing things that are bigger and better than I imagined!!