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  • Shelley Komant

Beauty in the Rain

So here we are, going into month 4 and I am amazed and unsure. There have been beauty and bumps, and most days hold both. The rain has been both wonderful and horrible. It can come as a sprinkle where it is almost magical as the heat hits you but the rain cools your skin. Then the next minute it downpours and you are soaked all the way through.

We are living a very simple life right now. We are in a fully furnished house, so all we own are our clothes, towels, bedding and the food in our cupboards. We have bought some umbrella's as well which are very important! As of today we still do not own a vehicle which has been interesting. We had the kids home 2 days from school as leaving the house would be a complete disaster. In this kind of rain you will be soaked in some shape or form. Usually with an umbrella your shoes to your knees are still completely drenched, which would make for a very uncomfortable day sitting in school. So with it being end of the semester and actually end of their Canadian school year we had no problem with them being at home. (Especially because that means we didn't have to walk them there and back!)

But the beauty is I did spend 2.5 hours out in the rain one day taking pictures. Pictures in the rain are my favorite and it only down poured 2 times! There in the details I find peace. When I slow down and look for the beauty in the moment, I realize it has always been there just waiting for me to find it. I tend to forget to look around when my mind is full of questions like: Will we find jobs? Will we be moving back to Canada if we can't find them soon? Will my kids be happy or will they regret us bringing them here? Will we ever have a car again? Why are there ants in the house? Are my parent's okay or are they just faking it? But in these quiet moments when I hear nothing my soul begins to heal, I begin to know that today brings hope and peace, that life is waiting for me; it always has been.

Here are a few of my fave photos from my rainy stillness.

I love the bottom of the picture where the water is flying off.

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